workstation and tools for designing t-shirt graphics on paper


TransmiSSSion is the work of a single designer currently living in Sacramento, California. TransmiSSSion is NOT a division of a larger apparel corporation, though it makes use of well-established manufacturers, printers, and technology platforms.

The unique designs of TransmiSSSion tees have a vintage look; they return to the early history of the t-shirt and typography to create simple, striking graphics. Yet they address today’s social, political, and economic issues by hacking familiar phrases and reprogramming them to make progressive points. Confronting issues broadly, rather than attacking a single event or personality, prevents TransmiSSSion designs from becoming dated and allows their wearers to make strong statements that outlast one headline or protest march.

The manufacturer of TransmiSSSion t-shirts purchases the highest quality cotton from sources around the world, cuts and dyes the material in its Los Angeles factory, and assembles garments in the Unites States and Central America. It maintains Platinum certification with Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (W.R.A.P.)  and participates in the Fair Labor Association. No sweatshops, more than 1000 American jobs, and processes that reduce water consumption, increase energy efficiency, and recycle waste.

Printers of TransmiSSSion t-shirts, also located in the United States, use the latest technology to render sharp, saturated images.